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What is new on our update?

We are improving our app for a better experience. You shared and we listened to create new adjustments on our app.

Around me Button at Home

We created new search box with extra Around me Button next to it.

Now if you want you can search whatever you like or just tap to the Red map icon to see what Turkish Business and Services around you!

Around me button specialised for Categories

While you are visiting the Category, instead of scrolling all the things now you can see which Businesses around you for that Category.

You just need to click the map icon at the top right corner and see what is around you in that category.

Added City of the Business in the Listings

On the category listings and where you saw the Business or Service, you can see which city of the business located.

It is easy to see and understand without entering the details of the Business / Service.

Dedicated Add Business Instructions Access

Some of the App users have their own business, and they would like to add or request to the part of this Business listing.

We listened and we put dedicated button in the Settings page that can be easily instructed on that specialised section.

Bug Fixes and Improvements

Of course the changes and new things not just listed above. We are improving some of the bugs. We made bunch of the bugs and we will fix for the new ones if there are any.

Enjoy our new release.


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